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Below are some frequently asked questions that should give you some insight into how working with me will help you achieve your life goals.
As per the International Coaches Federation, coaching is defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional development.
A block is anything that is stopping you from moving forward. It could be an emotional or physical block. Emotional blocks can create limiting beliefs and physical blocks can result from a lack of boundaries or even confidence. Coaching helps you identify and shift these blocks so you can reach your full potential.
After working with several coaches myself, the most important thing realized was the connection and energy between coach and client. I believe that I am easy to connect with and my energy is sincere. I have a bold and direct style of coaching while still being empathetic and compassionate. Being from an ethnic background and growing up in 2 different cultures, my coaching has a culturally sensitive component. I have also taken trauma basics coach training to be able to provide a trauma-sensitive practice.
All sessions are now done virtually either using Zoom or Google Meets. Thrive will send you the link to join the sessions. Once the number of sessions is determined, an invoice will be sent by email. Payment is required prior to sessions beginning. The preferred method of payment is e-transfer.
Coaching sessions are normally one hour in length and once a week. The number of sessions depends on the client’s needs. Please see the packages under the Services section.
Sessions can be rescheduled as needed with at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations may also be done with 24 hours notice before a scheduled session without charge. Cancellations done less than 24 hours will be subject to a $20 fee. A no-show will be charged as a full session.
The Mind Rebel Academy offers different coaching programs to women a few times a year. Taryn Watts is the creator of the Mind Rebel Method and the founder of the Mind Rebel Academy. Please visit for more information about the coaching programs offered.

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